Facial Recognition

Face Recognition technology is gaining fast acceptance in factories, plaza, buildings etc. In the years to come, we will see it linked to various business functions.

Akillieka develops and installs Facial Recognition technology in a wide range of set-ups. Our Facial Recognition Product can be used by companies using access control systems, surveillance systems; computer security, banking, entertainment, law enforcement applications, customer management system etc.

Using our cost-effective technology, companies can enhance their security systems, add on facial recognition to various business functions such as entry/exit of employees, employees time tracking, identifying unknown people and objects providing early alerts to the security team.

Our facial recognition technology is 40-50% cheaper than the leading providers like Amazon and most importantly these can be executed in house without using the internet or a cloud platform reducing security and data risks. We have developed this technology in house and hold proprietary rights.

Our Face Recognition solutions can be customized for offices, schools, colleges, factories, etc. to manage students and staff, in cruises; for smoothening order management process at bars and restaurants, etc.  Our experts can extend this technology to sync with data analytics.